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Resources to Support Inclusion

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Skeleton Cards: Upper Case Alphabet, Lower Case Alphabet and Phonics Cards:
Click on the links below the image

Lower Case Alphabet, Upper Case Alphabet and Lower Case Phonics

Loop Cards and Dominoes

'Follow-on' games in small card format

Letter/Phonics cards in five designs: All include the lower and upper alphabet plus phonics cards that tie in with 'Letters and Sounds'

Mini Alphabet Cards for group games and activities: Gems (alphabet only), sheep, hot air balloons and books (alphabet and phonics)

More Mini Cards: Hearts and 3D stars: alphabets and phonics

Special Mini Animal Alphabet and Phonics Cards:click on the image to download

Lower Case star alphabet and phonics cards

Multicultural Letter/Phonics cards: all lower case with a free 'Welcome' sign for your classroom.

Multicultural Letter/Phonics wall frieze: all lower case and a matching set of letters and phonics cards

Mini teddy lower case letters and sounds cards

There are many more resources available with this design please email for more details

Label Templates in assorted sizes for your classroom: Crayon Design or Multicultural Logos

Crayon Design Mini Sassoon Labels , Crayon Design Mini Comic Sans Labels

Crayon Design Large Sassoon Labels, Crayon Design Large Comic Sans Labels

Multicultural Large Labels Design 1,

Multicultural Large Labels Design 2

Multicultural Large Labels Design 3

Reversible Alphabet Mats: Sassoon or Cursive. Click images to download.

Click on the images to download these pdf files: Digraph cards,Alphabet cards,Reading Train Frieze, Consonant Clusters, Mini Photo Alphabet cards