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Resources to Support Inclusion

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Analogue to digital o'clock link cards: click the image to download

Analogue and digital o'clock posters: click the image to download

A selection of IWB resources to support the teaching of time: click on the links below the image

An Introduction to Time (analogue)

Introduction to O'clock

Introduction to Half Past

A selection of link card games for Analogue time - match image to written time (random order):click links below image

O'clock link cards, Half Past link cards, Quarter Past link cards and Quarter to link cards


Clock Display Selection - just add hands!

Larger clocks (print over 6 A4 sheets) in yellow or grey

Tell the time analogue fans: click the links below the image

O'clock fans, Half past fans, Quarter past fans and Quarter to fans

Time Display Cards: click on the image to download

More resources coming soon!