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Resources to Support Inclusion

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Numbers on rainbow ladybirds or butterflies, 0-30: click the images to download

Mini Numberlines, 0-10: click the image to download

Minibeast Number cards, 0-50: click the images to download

Number Bonds to 10 display: click the image to download

Here are 3 activities for the IWB. Click the image to open or download

Here are some printable activities to download: Number formation cards, Counting Cards, Keyword reading flash cards for reception, A5 Minibeast identification cards complete with an A4 sheet of printable tokens for sorting, counting or data handling.

Here is a set of Minibeast hunt discovery cards

And here is a board game and some dominoes to play with!

And, finally, some more resources for numeracy

Wordsearch activities

Easy minibeast wordsearch
Minibeast wordsearch
Super interactive wordssearch for the IWB: click the image to download

Minibeast Word Mats in a choice of fonts: click on the links to download

Available in National Primary Font (as shown), Sassoon Font and Cartoonist Font

Counting Cards 0-10: Beatiful Bees or Lovely Ladybirds - Click the images to download